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College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

We would like you to know that while we are not available for in-person services, rest assured, we are still very much “open!”   For questions, please feel free to call or email our main office, Monday- Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM at 785-864-3500 or collegeadvising@ku.edu.

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CASS August Drop-Ins


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Advising Academics Graduation


Coronavirus updates at KU: coronavirus.ku.edu

Coronavirus updates from the Collge: shadowrocket节点购买

Remote studying resources: remote.ku.edu

Top 10 Tips for Remote Learning: blog.college.ku.edu/10-tips-for-remote-learning/

University Emergency Aid Network: coronavirus.ku.edu/info-researchers


Don't forget to reach out to your advisor with questions! 

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